Does the “liquid solar blanket” really work?

Yes. It is not as efficient as an actual solar blanket but for those customers who have a pool design that does not lend itself to a solar cover, or for those that do not want to look at the solar real, the liquid solar blanket is a great alternative. Once added to the pool water it inhibits evaporation (which is also heat loss) which generally occurs at night. By having this vapor barrier floating on top of the pool water, the pool will retain some of the heat it gained during the day. Solar blankets are wonderful products but can inhibit usage (“I just wanted to take a quick swim but didn’t feel like taking off the cover and then re-installing it so I just didn’t swim), are not conducive to free form shaped pools (the covers come as a rectangle and get cut to fit the shape of the pool), and can be considered less than aesthetically pleasing (Does one really want to look at that reel every day?). The liquid solar blanket is a logical alternative and will not affect swimmers or dogs.