Swimming Pool FUN!

If you have kids then you know that swimming in the summer is what memories are made of! Splashing around and relaxing poolside in the sun with friends and family is the best part of the season. In case you are in need of a few extra ways to have fun in your swimming pool, here’s a few of Aqua Pool & Patio’s top suggestions for making the most of this time of year:

Pool Games

Need we really say more? From ‘sharks and minnows’ to water basketball, Marco Polo to relay races, the list of interactive swimming games is endless. Depending upon the age of your swimming companions, pool games are a surefire way to ensure a good time. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cannonball contest?


An absolute summer classic, combining toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers is timeless. Plus, this tradition in a great way to close out an evening under the stars after swimming.

Poolside Movies

Invite a few friends and neighbors over, hang up a white sheet, and rent a projector to stream a backyard showing of your favorite flick. You can make this event even better by selecting snacks and beverages to go along with your showing.


Don’t have time to plan a fully themed event? No worries! Just invite everyone on the block over for a casual potluck. This way, the stress is off of you to prepare everything and instead you can just sit back and enjoy a smattering of items while lounging poolside with friends and family.

Summer only comes once a year so it’s a good practice to make best use of the warm weather while you can! Let us know your favorite ways to enjoy your backyard and poolside space!