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Aqua Pool is definitely the best pool builder, but, best of all are the nice people who service you after you get your pool. All it takes is a call and the nicest people are there in a flash to help you solve your problem.


The design and construction process was extremely smooth and lots of fun! Aqua Pool kept us posted on exactly what would be happening throughout the process so we never wondered what was going on. Even with a very rainy spring, they completed the pool on schedule and we were swimming by the target completion date! The service group has been very willing to work with us and meet our needs. We had some unique requests given the location of the pool on our property and they were very willing to adjust to the situation and come up with a solution for us. They continue to follow-up to ensure we are satisfied and to gather any feedback from us. I highly recommend Aqua Pool!


I would like to thank for the way you generously treated me when I was at the office to have a water test and purchase chemicals.  Your generosity was greatly appreciated. For about 30 years, we have enjoyed the pool that Debbie designed for us and you built!  Though it needs work, I’ve kept it going mechanically for all of these years and we continue to enjoy it all these years later.  Thanks for all your kindness whenever I’ve showed up at the office.


I wanted to take a moment to offer some positive feedback regarding Debbie. From the beginning of our interactions with the Service team, Debbie has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, offering practical guidance on how to maintain our new pool. Always quick to respond via phone or email for those more urgent matters, she’s helped to not only teach me how to take care of our pool, but in doing so, has built my confidence to manage it almost completely independently and reduced my stress levels. I very much appreciate Debbie’s support and am happy when she answers the phone (at this point, we’re on a first name/voice basis!).


I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!! Dave figured out the problem with the cleaning system and fixed it!!! We saw each of the cleaning jets come up in sequence the way that they should!! I AM THRILLED!! And the gentleman with him did a great job cleaning the pool (I didn’t catch his name) and went over the steps with me should I ever want to clean it myself. Thanks so much to you and Debbie for addressing the problem.  Have a great weekend and stay cool!!


You should be proud of the way your organization retained a good customer interface and, from our standpoint, continued strong service. I can appreciate the challenges. By the way, Aqua Pool has been by far and away the best and most reliable contractor we’ve had in the last year and a half that this project has been going on.  Great communication from you, quality of the work so far and doing what you said you would do and when. I’m a big fan and please consider us as a reference.  


I just wanted to let you know that all the people you have sent over here to do the work on the pool this year have been terrific… friendly, professional and very capable. Ryan and George opened the pool and Pete and Rashid came today to put the new heater in and replace the pump that froze out over the weekend. I know with this crazy time we all are in now that nerves are frayed and tensions are high and people are going a bit batty with the social distancing but you all have been great and I so appreciate you and Chuck and Grant and all the others we have had contact with. I am sure your emails are jammed and phones are ringing but you ALWAYS help me out and I so appreciate it!!


We do think the pool is beautiful! Aqua Pool really did a great job with it! I also just want you to know that David is very knowledgeable and helpful! I really appreciate the care that he takes when explaining things and helping me understand.

Stan G

I have been a customer of Aqua Pool since 1998 when they built my pool. My service has always been professional but last Friday, May 20, my service technician, Rashid, went a step beyond in diagnosing a blown fuse as the cause of my pool computer crashing and then going to a local supply store to obtain a replacement fuse so I would  not lose use of the pool over a very hot weekend. Kudos also to Debbie for giving Rashid permission to go to the store.

Dr. Michael & Nicole K – Farmington, CT

This message is long overdue. I have been meaning to write it for quite a while. I wanted to take a minute to recognize a few individuals at Aqua Pool and Patio. Too often it’s easy to complain but I think it’s important to also give accolades. These three people have honestly made the world of difference for my husband and I and are the reason we continue to come back each year as annual clients. Those three people are Debbie, Jen, and David.

First of all, Debbie is the glue that holds everything together. I have never once contacted her without a prompt follow up and resolution of whatever the issue is. She is the one who often gets the frustrated calls or emails because something isn’t working correctly or didn’t go smoothly but she never veers away from being professional and courteous. I appreciate all she does, and it’s a lot! Knowing that I can count on Debbie to make sure our complicated pool gets taken care of honestly makes me want to keep coming back to Aqua Pool.

In addition to Debbie, I can’t not mention Jen. She is quite possibly the most pleasant and polite individual I have ever worked with. She calls me each week for service reminder calls and her upbeat and positive attitude makes even a simple call a wonderful experience!

Finally, I have to talk about David. I can say with certainty that David is the reason Mike and I didn’t leave Aqua Pool for another company. We had a few bumps in the road with construction and were hesitant to stay with Aqua Pool for service but figured we would sign on for one year and then likely move on. But then David showed up and totally changed our minds. He comes every week and is professional, friendly, and beyond knowledgeable. He restored our confidence and trust in Aqua Pool. Our system can be a little confusing at times due to it being indoors with an annual spa but anytime there is a blip David knows the solution. He has taken the time to get to know us and in doing so he knows our preferences for the spa and pool and always makes sure things are top notch! Needless to say, we love David and he is the reason Aqua Pool had another year-round client!

Thank you for everything to everyone in service! I know there are a lot of other individuals who help us and we appreciate it.

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