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Customer Testimonials

Stan G

I have been a customer of Aqua Pool since 1998 when they built my pool. My service has always been professional but last Friday, May 20, my service technician, Rashid, went a step beyond in diagnosing a blown fuse as the cause of my pool computer crashing and then going to a local supply store to obtain a replacement fuse so I would  not lose use of the pool over a very hot weekend. Kudos also to Debbie for giving Rashid permission to go to the store.

Dr. Michael & Nicole K – Farmington, CT


This message is long overdue. I have been meaning to write it for quite a while. I wanted to take a minute to recognize a few individuals at Aqua Pool and Patio. Too often it’s easy to complain but I think it’s important to also give accolades. These three people have honestly made the world of difference for my husband and I and are the reason we continue to come back each year as annual clients. Those three people are Debbie, Jen, and David.

First of all, Debbie is the glue that holds everything together. I have never once contacted her without a prompt follow up and resolution of whatever the issue is. She is the one who often gets the frustrated calls or emails because something isn’t working correctly or didn’t go smoothly but she never veers away from being professional and courteous. I appreciate all she does, and it’s a lot! Knowing that I can count on Debbie to make sure our complicated pool gets taken care of honestly makes me want to keep coming back to Aqua Pool.

In addition to Debbie, I can’t not mention Jen. She is quite possibly the most pleasant and polite individual I have ever worked with. She calls me each week for service reminder calls and her upbeat and positive attitude makes even a simple call a wonderful experience!

Finally, I have to talk about David. I can say with certainty that David is the reason Mike and I didn’t leave Aqua Pool for another company. We had a few bumps in the road with construction and were hesitant to stay with Aqua Pool for service but figured we would sign on for one year and then likely move on. But then David showed up and totally changed our minds. He comes every week and is professional, friendly, and beyond knowledgeable. He restored our confidence and trust in Aqua Pool. Our system can be a little confusing at times due to it being indoors with an annual spa but anytime there is a blip David knows the solution. He has taken the time to get to know us and in doing so he knows our preferences for the spa and pool and always makes sure things are top notch! Needless to say, we love David and he is the reason Aqua Pool had another year-round client!

Thank you for everything to everyone in service! I know there are a lot of other individuals who help us and we appreciate it.

Dr. Michael & Nicole K – Farmington, CT



I just want to thank you for our pool, it came out drop dead gorgeous.

It would not have happened without you.

Hope all is well with you and your family, and that summer is treating you well.


Our pool was completed when we expected it to be and within the budget.

As for our experience, Aqua Pool is the only company I would want to build my pool. They are knowledgable, professional, experienced, and thorough.  Gregg Pruitt has seen it all and built it all.  They are so well organized and make the process from design to first dip, very smooth.

Jason was such a pleasure to work with and get to know.  He is honest, thorough (very thorough), detailed, creative, patient and the list goes on.  He would come to the site during construction to make sure the design was as we intended.  He would email me late at night if I had a question and needed clarification for decision making.  And his answers would be detailed, well thought out, and long (haha).  But I loved the information and knowledge.  He educated me as opposed to others who would try to appease me with quick, one line response.  I felt the entire time that he genuinely cared about how happy my family and I would be with the end result. He is a real pro.

When we first decided to build a pool, we went through every option including liner pools.  After lots of research and discussion, Aqua and Jason earned the business way ahead of anyone else.  The Pool is a long term investment.  Price is a one-time event but it can cost a lot of we choose the wrong builder or type of pool. We took in to account all factors and the company and people behind it.  The support we felt from Aqua far exceeded other options.

Each morning when I wake up and every time I see the end result out the window, I can’t help but smile.  I enjoyed every step of the process and I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to do it all over again.

I would tell everyone looking in to Pools to build with Jason and Aqua pool.  You will be very, very happy and you can be confident it’s being installed by the very best our area of the country has to offer.



Satisfied with all of it, from the very first call I made. Everyone is friendly, efficient and incredibly informative. All my questions (most of which I’m sure they’ve heard before) were answered thoroughly. This company is in the business of installing and servicing pools and they know what they’re doing. I was always informed as to what would be happening next – very helpful; and they suggested other companies to complete the work that they don’t handle themselves such as electrical, landscape design, water delivery.

Blaine & Leonard

Thanks for the Great Service!! This is my 3rd pool with Aqua There is no other pool company I would use. Will recommend to anyone looking for an inground gunite pool.

Bryan & Cynthia

Right from the start we could tell this was a first class company to deal with. We knew it would not be the cheapest pool we could build but we also could tell it was going to be the best one we could have built with very few problems along the way.

Everything was top notch ! We could not have asked for a better experience with such a big project.


Debbie, I wanted to thank you for all your help in quickly scheduling your leak crew to come out and resolve my issue.  Patrick was terrific in quickly isolating the issue and getting it resolved.  They were prompt and did a great job for us!  I also appreciated how they cleaned up the area and tried not to damage any of my flowers that were in the area.  Thank you again for such a good job!

Doug & Gail

Chuck, I wanted to let you know that we really appreciated the speed and responsiveness you and staff have shown us.  We were very pleased by the fact that you were able to quickly replace our old pump and the guys just resolved the air bubbling issue we experienced yesterday.  Hopefully this puts the pool on tract for the rest of the warm weather.

Please know that we are very satisfied with the level of support you and your team have provided throughout the entire renovation process and we look forward to working with Aqua on our future servicing needs.

John- Suffield, CT

Last fall, 2016, our pool was in need of a lot of work due to many New England winters. Many of the coping stones were loose and the tile had separated along the inner edge of the pool.

After doing some investigating, my wife and I contacted Chuck at Aqua Pool and Patio. He came to the house and discussed what needed to be done and in short order sent a written proposal rei the renovation along with a timeline for the spring and summer of 2017. It was going to be a big undertaking and we wanted to make sure it was done properly.

Chuck always kept us informed when and what was to be done at each stage of the process. He was very prompt to answer any questions and concerns that we had. From the beginning to the end, everything went smoothly.

The end result is a newly renovated pool that we hope to enjoy for years to come!

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