Swimming Pool Party Games

At Aqua Pool & Patio, we are all about summer fun. Whether you are looking to enjoy a solo swim to relax after a long day, hosting a few friends for dinner, or having an all out swimming pool party, setting the stage with a beautiful backyard setting is our job. Your job this season, is to have a great time!

That’s why we wanted to give you a round up of several of our favorite swimming pool party activities, no matter your age:

Water Balloons
Who doesn’t love a festive water balloon battle? Fill up a few dozen water balloons and prep your guests for a fight to stay dry. Note that you’ll need to ensure to clean up any broken balloons to prevent pool filter issues but this is a great game to get your energy levels up and always a fun excuse to let go and enjoy!

Marco Polo
A standby favorite, anyone can get into this game. The premise of marco polo is that one person is “it” and they must swim around with their eyes closed trying to find the others. The “it” person can say, “Marco” to which all other players must reply, “Polo” thus giving away their location based on voice and movement.

Water Basketball
Getting a poolside net can yield hours of fun in the sun. Divide yourselves up into teams and get into a sport that hybridizes water polo and treading water with the fun of basketball. Plus, it’s a great game to play in the pool to stay cool!

Belly Flop Contest
Looking to make a splash? Then a belly flop or cannonball contest is your platform to shine. Players can take turns making the biggest splash while a panel of judges debate the winner based on style, form, and sound.

Relay Races
If you want to up the ante a bit and get in a little bit of exercise, relay races are a good option. Divvy up into teams and select strokes, keep in mind that you don’t have to keep it conventional. Mix in some fun ideas like doggie paddle or feet only with hands above water!

Whatever you choose, Aqua Pool & Patio hopes you have a fun-filled and lighthearted summer. Our team offers an array of inground gunite swimming pool, construction, and maintenance options to help you have a perfect season so give us a call!