Why Inground?

So you are interested in a pool and in doing your research have come across information about building an inground pool. Most homeowners spend months or even years trying to decide what type of pool they want on their property. And this makes sense given that the purchase of an inground pool is an investment that requires consideration.

Also known as a dry shotcrete, a gunite inground pool is a handcrafted cement structure. Engineered specifically to withstand movement of the earth due to natural shifting and climate induced conditions like winter frost and so on, a gunite inground pool is the longest lasting type of pool available in the industry today.

The popularity of these types of pools begins with their ability to be customized to a customer’s wants and needs. Design features can include shape, size and location in addition to other items like stairs, steps, benches, bars, and more. Depending on your property, inground pools can be situated to make the most of your backyard living environment. All inground gunite pools built by Aqua Pool & Patio are customized right down to the size and number of stairs, enhanced features, as well as the depth and slope of the floor.

As a pool owner, you will spend more time looking at your inground pool than you will swimming in it over the course of your life. Whether reading, entertaining, sleeping, or swimming, enjoying the ‘look’ of your pool is key in being a satisfied pool owner. At Aqua Pool, we have no restrictions to prefab kits and craft every inground gunite pool from the highest quality materials by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry to deliver you with the most long lasting, beautiful pool possible.

Find out more by scheduling a consultation with our team and learn why an inground pool may be the best option for you.