Poolside water features like waterfalls are a design element that can be enjoyed regardless of the time of year. During the summer months, they augment the general ambience of the poolside environment with their visually impactful qualities, and during the winter months, they bring a soothing audio experience to your backyard that can be enjoyed while cozying up to a warm fire. We have done some fairly ambitious waterfall projects in our day and wanted to share some of our favorites with you, in case a new natural water feature is on your list for 2017.

What stands out the most about this particular water feature is the way that it blends into the natural landscape surrounding the pool. The rock outcrop looks like it is descending from the wooded hillside as it would in any natural setting. The water falling at multiple angles and from multiple levels gives the entire project an authentic vibe that is as interesting to behold from the pool surface as it is from the deck.

This grotto-like cave makes this waterfall a very dynamic and engaging project. It invites swimmers to interact with the water as well as the private space behind it while creating a particularly voluminous audio experience with the thick sheets of falling water.

This waterfall as well as the entire general design of this project seamlessly blend the line between natural and manufactured.  The water feature itself looks more like a brook or natural spring escaping from the rocky ground. The pool and hot tub, installed at level with the waterfall’s surrounding rocks, come across as a pond collecting naturally in this unique watery oasis.