Is Putting a Pool in Your Backyard Worth It?

A backyard pool can enhance your property and your quality of life in numerous ways—but there’s no denying that it is a significant investment. If you are thinking about adding a swimming pool to your backyard, you may be wondering whether it will be worth it in the long run. While there are many factors to consider in deciding whether a pool is the right decision for your family, most pool owners agree that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Here are some of the top reasons why building a backyard pool is a worthwhile investment:

  • Pools enhance quality time spent with family and friends. By creating a gathering place where your loved ones of all ages can relax and enjoy themselves, pools can lure everyone away from the digital devices that consume so much of our time these days and facilitate some much-needed, in-person social connection.
  • Pools provide a fun, convenient way to stay in shape. Having a backyard pool reduces or even eliminates the need for a gym membership. In addition to swimming laps, there are numerous types of water aerobic exercises that offer a range of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. For instance, water aerobics can help improve cardiovascular strength, flexibility, balance, and sleep quality, while alleviating stress and anxiety.
  • Pools add beauty to your property. Whether you opt for a small, space-saving “cocktail pool,” a large, freeform resort-style pool or anything in between, a pool will create a beautiful focal point that can be admired from various places on your property. By choosing a custom gunite pool, you’ll have virtually endless design possibilities, allowing you to build a pool tailored to your unique needs and style.
  • When done right,  pools can increase the value of your home. Even if you are not planning to move anytime soon, it’s always important to consider the return on investment of major home improvements. Fortunately, studies indicate that backyard pools pay off in the long run: according to real estate experts, an average-sized, inground concrete pool adds an estimated 5-8% to the resale value of your home.

If you are thinking about adding a pool to your property, the Aqua Pool team is here to answer any questions you might have. We specialize in designing and building custom gunite pools, which offer numerous benefits—including a significantly longer lifespan—compared to vinyl or fiberglass pools. We also offer flexible financing options and customizable maintenance plans, helping to make the costs of building and owning a pool more manageable. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to learn more!