Spring can creep up on you quickly, especially when it comes to getting work done. You don’t want to get caught behind a mountain of chores all winter only to discover that the weather breaks, the sun shines, but oh no, you forgot all of the pool renovation work that needed to be done in order to enjoy the change in seasons. At Aqua Pool, we recommend starting your pool revamp project now to allow yourself the benefit of time to get the results you are after. By meeting with a renovation specialist before the spring, you are able to take advantage of making your selections towards progress early rather than clamoring to get on our list in March when the first hint of spring hits the air. Not waiting and setting your appointment now forces you to line-up the work: 

First choice in contractor

The good ones always go fast. To ensure quality work on your pool, get started today with Aqua Pool and line-up the contractor you actually want to work with instead of just settling for whoever is available come March.

Getting work done on your schedule isn’t always easy and hiring a contractor who can meet the dates they “sell” is oftentimes rare. Lock in your dates and times for renovation now with an honest contractor for the smoothest build process possible.

Bang for your buck
As stated above, the good contractors book early and there’s no time like the present to contact the quality people you want to work with. Don’t wait to hire a contractor that takes your deposit and gets to your job whenever it suits them, go after the real talent to guarantee you get the pool you’ve always wanted.

Although the snow-covered ground can feel like it lasts forever, spring will be here before you know it and now is the most realistic time to get a start on your pool renovation before Memorial day next year!  Want some ideas?  Check out our website for pool redesign ideas!