How to empty your pool’s pump basket

After vacuuming a pool, you’ll likely want to empty your pump basket to remove any collected debris. Generally, it’s advisable to empty your pump basket once per week, sometimes twice per week if there’s a lot of debris falling from the trees in your yard.

Why is emptying the pump basket important?

Before your pool water enters the filter to be cleaned, it goes through the pump basket. The pump basket catches large particles and debris. If you don’t clean it out frequently enough you will find that your pool filter doesn’t work as well. To preserve your filter, you’ll want to keep the pump basket clean.

How do you empty a pool pump basket?

  1. Turn of filter pump
  2. Open top of pump strainer housing (where the basket is located) by turning cover in a counter-clockwise direction. Cover may be “difficult” to remove due to vacuum of the system.
  3. Place cover upside down in convenient location. MAKE NOTE of o’ring location (o’ring on underside of cover).
  4. Lift basket up and remove debris in a convenient location.
  5. Replace basket in same orientation as when it was removed (it is important)
  6. Put cover back on (insure o’ring is in place) and turn clockwise to tighten. No tools should be required.

How to empty a pool pump basket video tutorial:

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