Swimming pools require diligent execution of maintenance routines to keep your water in optimal swimming condition. A solar blanket can be an excellent accessory to help you keep your pool sparkling and swim-ready.

Solar blankets come in a variety of different colors and look like a giant sheet of bubble wrap. The blanket covers the surface of your pool and throughout the day captures the solar energy from the sun warming the pool to naturally increase the temperature of the water. During the night, the pool can maintain it’s elevated temperature with the solar blanket making night swimming pleasurable and fun. It provides an efficient and cost-free way to heat your pool without contributing to costly energy bills. It also helps to combat water evaporation, which in turn can prolong the life of your pool chemicals. When not using your pool, it’s best to keep the solar blanket on for maximum benefits except for when your pool is winterized. You should also leave the solar blanket off for several hours after adding any chemical treatments.

Another option in lieu of traditional blankets is a liquid solar blanket (See product information here). This cutting edge technology is delivered in either a dispenser form that is shaped like a fish and contains a pump that dispenses the liquid into your pool or by pill form that goes into your pool skimmer and is dissolved to create a harmless and invisible barrier on the water’s surface. This surface layer reduces evaporation and minimizes heat loss for your pool with the added bonus of remaining out of sight, keeping your pool view free of unsightly equipment. Liquid solar blankets are an especially useful consideration for non-rectangular pools.

As a relatively simple solution, both traditional and liquid solar blankets provide many benefits to any pool maintenance routine. With no capacity for equipment malfunction, or parts to replace, the average solar blanket will last several years exposed to the elements before beginning to deteriorate. Try adding a solar blanket to your pool routine and see the benefits for yourself!