How to brush a pool

A simple but critical part of keeping any pool clean is brushing the pool. And believe if or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to brush your pool. Below we’ve outlined the key steps to brushing your pool. You can also watch our how-to video below to see how the service experts at Aqua Pool do this job.

Why is brushing a pool important?

Brushing a pool is kind of like brushing your teeth. The brushing removes build up of minerals and algae and allows those compounds to be cleaned through the pool’s filter system. Brushing will also help prevent any stain buildup on your pool.

How do you brush a pool?

  1. Set valves so that there is at least partial suction at main suction outlets (main drain), perhaps even 100% at that location.
  2. Attach a pool brush to the pool telescopic pole.
  3. Starting in shallow end, at stairs perhaps, brush pool from tile and “down” with a sweeping motion.
  4. Brush all walls and floors (as much as comfortable), moving around the entire perimeter.
  5. Continue with floor of pool, consistently pushing debris ad dust towards main suction outlet (“main drain”).
  6. When done, put valves back to appropriate positions so that skimming and main suction out lets are in manner desired.

How to brush a pool video:

Want more information about maintaining a pool?

Visit our Pool School page for more how-to information. You can also learn more about Aqua Pool’s pool service and maintenance programs by clicking here.