How to clean a pool filter

A pool filter is the central mechanism for keeping a pool clean. Without the pool filter, your pool will turn green in no time, just ask anyone who has had a pool filter stop working in the middle of July.

Why is cleaning a pool filter important?

Filters are designed to remove unwanted debris, dirt, calcium and oils from your pool water. A clean filter will give you crystal clear pool water that is both healthy to swim in and visually appealing. Because the pool filter is capturing all the unwanted material from the pool water, the filter does get dirty over time. A thorough cleaning will remove all those unwanted materials from your filtration system, thereby allowing it to operate more efficiently.

How do you clean a pool filter?

  1. When pressure rises 10 – 12 pounds above the starting or “clean filter” pressure (with an in floor system this “starting pressure” fluctuates as the floor system goes through its “zones”.
  2. Turn off the pump.
  3. Completely open air release valve on top of the filter tank to release all pressure from inside the tank and system.
  4. Remove the drain plug located at the bottom of the filter tank and allow the tank to drain.
  5. Loosen the tank clamp ring retainer and remove the clamp ring.
  6. Remove the top of the filter tank by lifting it straight up until it clears the cartridges on the inside of the tank.
  7. Remove the manifold assembly by lifting it off of the outlet tube and out of the tank. 9. Pull the cartridges out of the filter tank and clean the cartridges.
  8. Using new cartridges or the clean original ones, place the cartridges back into the filter tank. Be sure that they are correctly seated on the cartridge support on the bottom of the tank.
  9. Inspect the o’ring at the top of the outlet tube for cracks and wear marks.
  10. Reinstall the manifold making sure that it fits squarely over the cartridges and outlet tube.
  11. Inspect the tank o’ring for cracks or wear marks. Place the o’ring back onto the filter bottom.
  12. Place the filter lid onto the filter tank bottom.
  13. Replace the tank clamp ring.
  14. Close air relief valve. Make sure plug on bottom of filter is back in place.
  15. Start pool pump. Wait for pump to start pumping water (to “catch prime”). Once it catches prime, open air relief valve. KEEP CLEAR OF FILTER TANK while all air is being released.
  16. Once water comes out or air relief valve, close valve and set bezel ring on pressure gauge to CLEAN. This will help determine when cartridges need to be cleaned again. Clean as required or at least once a month.

How to clean a pool filter video:


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