How to program variable speeds on your Jandy iAquaLink Pool Pump

One of the best features of the Jandy iAquaLink pool pump is the ability to program variable speeds from the convenience of your computer.

The traditional pool pump had two speeds – on and off. Today, pumps like the Jandy iAquaLink, are designed to operate at variable, or different, speeds. The truth is you don’t need a pool pump to run at max speed 24/7 to keep your pool clean. In general, you want a higher speed during the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak and water temps spike, or when “cleaning” the pool with an in-floor cleaning system.. Your pump can and should slow down during the cooler parts of the day when the water temps lower and the cleaning needs decline.

According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), you may be able to save up to 83% in annual energy costs by choosing a multi-speed pump. This is because multi-speed pumps allow you maximum control over their speed, letting you program them to run at low power, full power, or anywhere in between depending on what your pool needs at different times.

Using the Jandy iAquaLink variable speeds functionality, you can set up the pump to run at a high speed (or high RPM) during the middle of the day when it tends to be the hottest. Then you can program it to run at a low speed (or low RPM) during the cooler part of the day and in the overnight.

Using variable speeds on your pool pump will increase the efficiency of your pump and help you save money on electricity. It will also make sure your pool water stays clean, healthy and ready for swimming.

How to program variable speeds on a Jandy iAquaLink pool pump video tutorial:

Step-by-step instructions on how to program variable speeds on a Jandy iAquaLink pool pump:

Click here to download a printable PDF of the steps.

Step 1: Sign into your iAquaLink.

Step 2: If you’re on your cellphone, hit Web Function to see this screen.

Step 3: Select the Menu Button and go into System Setup.

Step 4: Click Variable Speed Pump (VSP) Setup.

Step 5: Click Speed Setup.

Step 6: Click Next.

Step 7: Click on Speed Label 1 (which in this case says Pool).

Step 8: Click Custom Label.

Step 9: Edit this to read Pool HIGH.

Step 10: Click Save.

Step 11: Set your High RPM at 3250.

Step 12: Click on Speed Label 2 (which in this case says Spa).

Step 13: Click Custom Label.

Step 14: Type in Pool LOW.

Step 15: Click Save.

Step 16: Click Clear then type in 2150.

Step 17: Click Enter.

Step 18: Click Save.

Step 19: Click Menu and then Schedule.

Step 20: Clear any existing schedules by clicking Delete and OK.

Step 21: Click Save. Then click Add.

Step 22: Click on VSP1 Spd Adj and then click Select.

Step 23: Click on Pool LOW and then click Select.

Step 24: Click on Start Time.

Step 25: Type in 5:00 AM and click Enter.

Step 26: Click Stop Time.

Step 27: Type in 10:59 AM and click Enter

Step 28: Click Save.

Step 29: Click VSP1 Spd Adj and click Select.

Step 30: Click Pool HIGH and click Select.

Step 31: Click Start Time.

Step 32: Type in 11:00 AM and click Enter.

Step 33: Click Stop Time.

Step 34: Type in 3:00 PM and click Enter.

Step 35: Click Save and then Click Add.

Step 36: Click VSP1 Spd Adj and click Select.

Step 37: Click Pool LOW and click Select.

Step 38: Click Start Time and type in 3:01 PM and click Enter.

Step 39: Click Stop Time and type in 10:00 PM and click Enter.

Step 40: Click Save.

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