How to vacuum a pool

One of the most important routine pool maintenance tasks is vacuuming a pool. It keeps your pool looking clean and prevents materials form gathering on the surface of your pool.

Why is it important to vacuum a pool?

A pool filter cleans the water circulating in your pool. But sometimes materials, including leaves, sand and dirt, gather on the bottom of your pool. The most efficient way to collect these materials, and prevent them from discoloring your pool surface, is to vacuum your pool.

How do you vacuum a pool?

  1. Set valves on pool plumbing so that 100% of pump suction is coming from one skimmer  (not all pools have designated valves to isolate one skimmer – may requires different methods to accomplish this – call for assistance if valves are not obvious or available).
  2. Bring vacuum head, hose and pole to the skimmer that is to be used for vacuuming.
  3. Attach vac head to pole and vac hose to vac head.
  4. Submerse vac head to bottom of pool. Using a “hand-over’ hand method, submerse the remaining feet of vac hose in an effort to expunge all air out of hose (as much as possible).
  5. Using a vac plate (WE NEED TO BRING WITH US!!) or not, attach vac hose to skimmer outlet. Suction will now be at the vacuum head.
  6. SLOWLY push vac head around pool to clean debris. AS basket gets filled (either skimmer basket if using a vac plate, or pump basket), the suction will decrease. Depending upon how much dirt there is, one may have to clean basket(s) to completely clean the pool. Re-clearing air from hose may be required.
  7. Once done, clean baskets and consider cleaning filter.
  8. Put valves back to desired position for suction at more than one location (i.e. all skimmers and main suction outlet drawing in water for proper filtration).

How to vacuum a pool video tutorial:

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