Pool Renovation

Pool Updating Services

If your existing swimming pool is well located and has good bones, but looks dated, consider a swimming pool renovation. Our pool renovations range from a simple facelift – perhaps just new coping or tilework – to total transformations.

Our design experts will arrange a consultation at your home and present you with a range of possibilities. Whatever its current look, our team can turn your tired swimming pool into a masterpiece.

Because we pair state-of-the-art technology with creative design, our swimming pool remodeling services are unparalleled. Not only can we address and update your pool’s appearance, we can also improve safety and overall functionality. If you think your pool is beyond repair and are considering simply doing away with it, please think about calling us first. Since being founded in 1970, Aqua Pool & Patio has handled countless swimming pool renovations. Our clientele has been amazed with the transformations of their pools, and you will be too.

Pool Upgrades

It isn’t just a pool’s appearance that can become dated; its systems can as well. While a well-built swimming pool can bring decades of enjoyment, filtration and heating systems will likely need replacing before a pool does. Even if they are still functioning, it is quite possible that a newer system will offer more thorough, and energy-efficient, service.

One of the most efficient changes we suggest for a pool’s filtration system is making the switch to salt water. This relatively-new technology is one of the most significant improvements we’ve seen in the industry since we began installing swimming pools in 1970. A saltwater filter system relies on a biological process that uses an electrolytic cell and ordinary salt to generate natural chlorine. This is a more environmentally friendly way of killing bacteria and algae while making the water feel “softer” and more pleasant than chemical chlorine.

As is true with virtually every appliance in your home, pool filtration and heating systems have become much more energy efficient in recent years. Upgrading to cutting-edge equipment can result in reduced energy usage and a cleaner, clearer pool.

We can also work with you in updating your pool or spa – or both – systems to one that can be controlled via the Internet, or installing new lighting. Please call us at 860-623-9886, or email us at info@aquapools.com, to arrange a consultation.