All About Pool Coping

After over 40 years of serving swimming pool owners in our community, we have lost count of the number of questions about pool equipment and pool parts that start we’ve received. However, we believe that an informed pool owner makes a wonderful client so we do as much as we can to bring some of the mysteries of pool components out of the shadows and into the light.  One of those pool mysteries we are often asked about is pool coping and what purpose it serves.

To put it simply, pool coping provides a cap at the edge of the pool where the structure is mounted to the bond beam. As a critical feature, it works to keep water from getting behind  the pool shell and provides a ledge to hold on to. We like to point out that coping is by no means just a functional feature as it provides multiple opportunities for aesthetic creativity when building or  renovating a pool.

Almost any building material can be used in the construction of coping from natural stone and tile to wood. Many coping styles are designed to match the deck materials but they can also become accent pieces that offer character and style to your pool.

Beyond the style and functionality of coping though, it is critical to get your coping inspected on a regular basis. Tile damage is typically resultant of loose coping and structural adhesion issues. What you are looking for are any missing sections of coping but also whether or not the seam that joins the coping to the deck is flush and free of any cracks or gaps where water can get behind the pool shell. If you ever do find what looks like damage to tile or coping, please give us or any qualified pool builder a call to come out and accurately assess the potential damage.

Coping is one of those areas that can start out as a small problem and grow considerably if it is never dealt with properly but at Aqua Pool, we are on your team!