If you are anything like us at Aqua Pool, straightforward step-by-step plans are the only way we get anything done in the pool business. Whether it’s installing new pool equipment or carrying out a comprehensive remodel, having a simple roadmap in place is the best way to produce consistent results time after time. Knowing this, we decided to map out an easy to follow chlorinating plan for summer pool maintenance that if followed, will keep your water crystal clear without wasting any of your hard earned summer vacation.

Step 1) Maintain a reasonable chlorine level at all times
As the days get longer and hotter this summer, it becomes more and more important to pay attention to your regular chlorine levels. It is a good idea to increase the daily amount you add to your skimmer basket or your floating chlorinator to keep up with increased ambient heat and humidity. Hand in hand with regular chlorination is to ensure the proper functioning of your filtration system. Now may be the time to consider getting an equipment tune-up before the summer weather sets in.

Step 2) Begin “shocking” your pool weekly
In the summer, it is more common for your pool to experience “extreme” conditions that can quickly affect water quality. “Extremes” are things like hotter than usual temperatures, severe rain events, and large bather loads (pool parties). Weekly “shocking” will help balance the contamination associated with “extremes” and will keep your pool clearer, softer, and better smelling.

Step 3) Have your pool professionally tested monthly
Most pool supply stores and maintenance companies will do this at no cost to you so take advantage of the only free service in the entire pool industry. Getting a regular diagnoses from a pool professional will help you identify problems with your pool chemistry before they get out of hand and allow you to implement a proper treatment plan at the outset.

Following these three easy steps will literally save you time, money, and the future headaches and stress that inevitably come with trying to reverse pool chemistry problems that have escalated. Think of it as brushing and flossing your pool’s teeth! Preventative care hardly takes any time at all but will ultimately work miracles in the long run, both on your wallet and on your future enjoyment of your backyard.