4 Reasons to Consider a Pool Vacation Service

Late summer is the perfect time to take a vacation—but did you know that it’s important to make sure that your pool is cared for while you’re gone? Depending on how long you are away, your pool could become filled with algae and debris if not maintained properly, and the pool equipment could even sustain damage if the water evaporates too much.

While there are several preventive maintenance steps that you can take before you leave, hiring a pool maintenance professional to “babysit” your pool in your absence can save you time and money while ensuring that your pool will be clean, healthy, and ready to enjoy when you return home. Here are four reasons to consider a pool vacation service:

  1. Maintain proper water levels. As the water in your pool evaporates, air may be sucked into the filter. This could potentially cause the motor in your pool pump to burn out, requiring costly repairs when you get home. On the other hand, if the water level becomes too high due to heavy rains, the skimmer will work less efficiently. If a professional is checking in on your pool, they can ensure that the water stays at the right levels to keep all equipment functioning properly.
  2. Keep the water clean and sanitary. Just like when you’re home, maintaining proper chemical levels in your pool while you’re on vacation is essential for preventing the growth of algae and bacteria. Otherwise, you’ll probably return to a swampy, unsanitary pool that will require additional maintenance before you can use it again. If you’ll only be out of town for a few days, adding extra chlorine before you leave will likely be sufficient to keep your pool clean—but for trips longer than a week, invoking the assistance of a pool professional is strongly recommended.
  3. Ensure that equipment is running properly. Even when your pool is not in use, it’s important to run the filter in order to minimize the chances of an algae bloom. Some homeowners program their filters to run 24 hours per day while they’re gone—but this consumes a great deal of electricity, thereby leading to higher utility bills. By enlisting a pool vacation service, you can rest assured that your filter and other equipment is running as much as is needed, helping to keep your pool clean and your utility costs low.
  4. Save time and money. Without anyone maintaining your pool while you’re away, you will need to take a variety of preemptive maintenance steps in the hopes that your pool will stay clean and safe in your absence. In addition to the time required, there is always the risk that your precautionary measures will not be sufficient due to changing weather conditions or other variables—and as a result, you’ll need to expend additional time and money to restore your pool to prime condition upon your return. This can be avoided by hiring a pool vacation service to monitor your pool and take any maintenance steps needed to ensure that it will be pristine and ready to enjoy when you get home.

At Aqua Pool, we are pleased to offer pool vacation services in addition to our routine maintenance services. Whether you’re planning to be away for several days, weeks, or months, you can trust our qualified technicians to keep a close eye on the condition of your pool, ensuring that it stays sparkling clean, safe, and beautiful until your arrival. Visit https://www.aquapool.com/routine-pool-maintenance-ct/ or call us at (860) 623-9886 to learn more!