5 Ideas for Enhancing Small Inground Pools

If you’d like to add a swimming pool to your backyard but have limited space, a small inground gunite pool may be right for you. Since gunite pools are custom-built, they can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes—making them the perfect option if you are facing space constraints or simply want a pool that doesn’t consume too much of your backyard. In addition to taking up less space, smaller pools are generally less expensive to build and maintain because they have less surface area to clean, need smaller amounts of chemicals, and heat up more efficiently.

The optimal design for your pool will depend on your goals and space available. For example, freeform pools tend to maximize patio space and work best in irregularly shaped areas, while linear shapes allow a greater volume of water in the pool. Regardless of the design you choose, here are a few ideas for making your small inground pool feel more luxurious:

  • Choose a dark interior. Pool interiors that are dark gray, navy, black, or other darker hues have been in style in recent years for the enticing, lagoon-like appearance they create. Dark interiors are a particularly good option for small pools because they can make the water look deeper. Additionally, dark-interior pools may absorb and hold heat better, making them more efficient to keep warm.
  • Add water features. With countless options available, water features offer a great way to upgrade your pool’s style and create a source for relaxing sounds that will help transform your pool area into a true backyard retreat. For example, consider installing a fountain or rock waterfall along the side of your pool, or bubblers in the floor of a shallow space, such as a Baja shelf.
  • Opt for a zero-edge design. A zero-, vanishing-, or infinity-edge pool has one or more edges over which the water flows before collecting in a catch pool, from which it is then pumped back into the main pool. Zero-edge pools have a gorgeous, glass-like appearance that erodes the boundary between the water and the surrounding area—which may have the effect of making small pools seem larger. While this popular design feature can be installed with nearly any pool, it works particularly well for those situated on a ridge or hilltop.
  • Install color-changing LED lights. LED lights are far more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs, enabling you to save on utility and replacement costs. They also have an alluring glow that will instantly make your pool look like it belongs at a high-end resort.
  • Install eye-catching waterline tiles. It’s important to have tiles along the waterline of your pool because they can be easily cleaned or repaired when the need arises, without having to patch the pool material. Tiles also offer a great way to make your color scheme pop and create a cohesive design aesthetic in your pool area.

If you are considering adding a small inground pool to your backyard, the experienced team at Aqua Pool & Patio will work with you to develop a custom design that suits your needs, style, and space constraints. We specialize in building high-quality gunite pools that fit seamlessly in any backyard. Visit us online to learn more about our process, or call us today at (860) 623-9886!