7 Top Pool Design Trends of 2021

In decades past, there was little variation among backyard swimming pools: they were typically rectangular or kidney-shaped, with few, if any, custom features. Fortunately, the backyard pool has evolved significantly in recent years, with many of today’s homeowners seeking to build pools modeled after those seen at upscale resorts. As people have spent more time at home over the past year, the desire to create a backyard oasis conducive to “staycations” has accelerated—a factor that is reflected in the latest pool design trends.

At Aqua Pool & Patio, our team stays up to date on the newest styles and features that homeowners are seeking for their swimming pools. Here are seven of the top pool design trends that we expect to see throughout 2021 and beyond:

  • “Cocktail” pools. If you’d like a place to relax and cool down on a hot day, but you have limited space for a full-sized pool, a cocktail pool may offer the perfect solution. One of the hottest new pool design trends, cocktail pools are small, compact pools—generally less than 400 square feet—that can fit into smaller or irregularly shaped backyards. In addition, cocktail pools tend to be less expensive and more eco-friendly than full-sized varieties. But scaling back on size does not necessarily mean scaling back on luxury—in fact, many homeowners are elevating their cocktail pools with custom add-ons, such as seating, water features, jets, and heaters, which allow the pool to double as a spa.
  • Integrated spas. While spas that are attached to the pool have long been considered a must-have feature, many homeowners are now opting for spas that are actually integrated into the pool design. The pool and spa appear to be part of one cohesive body of water—thereby creating a seamless look—but are separated by a dam wall to prevent the cooler pool water from mixing with the heated water of the spa.
  • LED lighting. While the use of LED lighting in swimming pools is not a brand-new trend, we expect that it will continue to be one of the most in-demand features for new pool designs. Often seen at high-end resorts, LED lighting creates an alluring glow and will give your pool a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Rain curtains. Also known as rain descents or water curtains, these popular add-ons feature a solid sheet of water cascading into the pool like a waterfall. In addition to having a visually stunning effect, rain curtains enhance the tranquility of your backyard oasis with the sound of falling water.
  • Darker interior colors. Pools with dark gray, navy, or black interiors have an enticing, lagoon-like appearance and can help make small pools look deeper. They also tend to absorb and hold heat more effectively, making it easier to keep the water warm.
  • Sun shelves. Also called Baja shelves or tanning ledges, sun shelves are flat, shallow areas within the pool. Many people place lounge chairs on the sun shelf, creating the perfect place to soak up some sun while staying refreshed in the cool water.
  • With “smart” technology capable of automating many systems within the home, it’s no surprise that automation has made its way to the pool as well. At Aqua Pool, many of our customers use an automation system called Jandy AquaLink, which allows them to turn on the spa, pool lights, landscape lights, and more from any web-enabled device. We also recommend a self-cleaning system from Paramount that ensures that your pool stays clean 24/7 while also improving circulation and the distribution of chemicals and heat.

As you design the pool of your dreams, the team at Aqua Pool can guide you in selecting styles and features that will improve the appearance and functionality of your pool. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to schedule a consultation!