Taking a dip in your own private backyard oasis wasn’t always an available option when it comes to the incarnation of swimming pools that we are all so familiar with today. In fact, there’s a rich history of shared baths that reaches back to our ancient world. Here is a short introduction to the creation of the swimming pool and how it has evolved into the modern version of the backyard pool we all enjoy so much  today!

Ancient History
Pools began in early Greek and Roman periods as public baths or communal watering tanks for communities to do their washing and bathing in. Typically these structures were large stone built pools that housed a group of smaller pools together beside a manmade watering hole.  These communal pools were used for a variety of reasons including religious ceremonies, social gatherings, and exercising.

The upper echelons of society began to build private luxury pools as a signifier of wealth and status. Greek and Roman emperors maintained large pools to house ornate fish, lush gardens, green terraces, and other architectural elements. Pools also were built as training grounds for militaries in preparation for war.

Modern Competition
Stemming from the use of ancient society’s pools, swimming was born as a competitive sport. The Olympic Games held in Greece featured swimming as an international event in 1896. This was one of the first recognized appearances of the stroke we know today as ‘freestyle.’

Contemporary Rise
In the United States, swimming pools and their popularity burst onto the scene after World War II with the rise of the Hollywood movie culture. Having a swimming pool became a status symbol and pool-builds catapulted from being only for the elite class to a very achievable aspect of the American dream.

Everyday Popularity
Today private and community swimming pools are commonplace. At Aqua Pool and Patio, we help bring pool dreams to fruition so friends and families can enjoy the immersive experience of a cool dip and backyard fun whenever they want. Building world-class pools backed up by world-class service is our specialty and we are happy to help bring ancient history to your home!