An Overview of Swimming Pool Pricing

In the inground swimming pool industry, there is a hesitation to discuss pricing. This is due to the variety of factors that can impact a pool project. Items like property conditions, design options and materials involved can all greatly change the cost structure of a build.

But there are some commonalities that can be explored to get ballpark figures.

There are three main pool construction types to select from: fiberglass, liner or, what we do at Aqua Pool, inground gunite pools:

Liner Pools
The least expensive of the bunch, liner pools are essentially above-ground pools that are positioned into a cement base with reinforced walls, most often dug into the ground. Although the designs for liner pools have progressed structurally and aesthetically in recent years, this type of pool is limited to particular shapes and sizes. The starting price tag for a liner pool is in the $25K ballpark with models that can get into the $100K range if working with custom features.

Fiberglass Pools
This type of pool structure echoes the format of a spa or bathtub. Manufactured off site and shipped whole to the location of your pool, these pools are often accompanied by a price tag in the $35-$65K range.

Gunite Pools
Crafted from raw materials including sand, steel, cement and other masonry products, gunite pools offer the ability to be uniquely customized to suit your needs. With unlimited options for add-ons like waterfalls, spa integrations, grottos, in-pool seating and more, gunite pools are the most difficult to quote for pricing unless there is a clear articulation of vision. On average, a gunite pool build typically sits around the $50-$70K range, with the high end being around $100K.

Like with any purchase, there are reasons to spend more or less depending upon budget and value for your hard-earned dollars. No pool is “perfect”, but there are costs associated with getting the best of anything and a gunite pool is the best pool built.

Whether you’ve already decided to have a new pool added to your backyard or are just beginning to consider one, give us call at (860) 623-9886 and arrange an appointment with one of our pool designers.