Benefits of an automatic pool cover

Are you considering an automatic pool cover, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment? At Aqua Pool, we are experienced at installing these types of covers and have found several key benefits for our customers.

1. Prevent Evaporation

Want to keep your water level up even through periods of drought? An automatic cover will reduce evaporation, meaning your pool will stay fuller longer.

2. Reduce the need for chemicals

This is another instance where reduced evaporation helps. The less water evaporation, the more likely your pool water is going to stay in balance and you won’t see expensive chemicals evaporate along with the water. A cover will also help reduce your water’s sun exposure. UV light from the sun can hasten chlorine consumption. Less UV light due to a professional automatic cover installed by Aqua Pool means less money spent on chemicals.

3. Save energy

Just like a lid on a pot keeps heat inside, a pool cover can keep heat inside your pool. If you want warmer water, or want to put less strain on your pool heater, consider an automatic pool cover!

4. Reduce exposure to the elements

Falling leaves are a fact of life in New England and they can also wreak havoc on your pool. By using your automatic pool cover you can reduce the number of leaves that you have to skim out as well as other debris like sticks, grass, twigs, etc.

5. Safety

As a safety device, the automatic cover completely seals and prevents unplanned access to your pool. And while there’s no substitute for proper supervision, your pool can be protected even when you’re not around with the use of a cover.

Automatic Pool Cover Opening Video

Automatic Pool Cover Closing Video