Building a pool in an unlikely place ~ on a slope

A customer came to Aqua Pool with almost no usable space in his back yard – no room to entertain, no room for much at all, due to the extreme upward sloped back yard. A lot of pre-grading (site work prior to pool construction) was required and a significant retaining wall was installed as well – to create a flat space for a pool.

Using the wall to hold back the soils from the hill, and using the excavated material to fill under the new patio on the downward (home) side of the pool, a back yard was created.

The pool has a Marcite/Plaster interior finish (Grey). There is grey porcelain tile at the water line which looks very much like slate, but without all the issues associated with real slate pool tile.  The pool coping is locally quarried in CT – called Tower Hill Granite. The Patio is Bluestone and the stone on the raised wall and matching retaining wall behind the pool is a local Fieldstone.

The Pool equipment installed Includes a heat pump with a Jandy Aqua Pure Salt Chlorine generator. The pool also features Jandy Sheer Descent water features that come out under the coping on the raised wall of the pool.

Stunning isn’t it?