Check Water Levels Before the Freeze!

As the holidays approach, time seems to fly by. Here’s your friendly reminder to check your water levels before the winter freeze!

When winterizing your pool, you really are protecting your investment from the elements. An important step is lowering the water level to keep the ice off the porcelain tile once it freezes. Now, here’s the important part! Though your water level has been dropped, rain and snow will add to water levels below or above your pool cover. It is important to check your water levels again around the Thanksgiving Holiday or sooner depending on our weather conditions. The excess water needs to be drained from the pool and skimmers. This includes any plastic equipment that me be compromised when water freezes and expands. Checking on water levels before everything freezes and removing any built-up excess water, is a good idea.

Aqua Pool’s service department can check your water levels and drain your pool and equipment to ensure a seamless opening in the spring. Protect your pool by hiring our HTA (Pool and Hot Tub Alliance)-trained maintenance professionals. Call (860) 623-9886 to learn more about this service or make an appointment.