Circulation is Critical

There are three main components of proper pool care: circulation, chemicals and cleaning. While all three are equally important, circulation also plays an important role in the other two.

What Counts as Good Circulation?
Your pool’s water gets moved around by a process that uses a pump and filter. Water is sucked into the pump and then filtered before it is pushed back into your pool through multi-directional jets or skimmers.

Brushing is another important part of circulation. At Aqua Pool, we recommend that you give your pool a proper scrub at least once a week. This is key for hitting dead zones like behind ladders, around steps and any crevices.  If you need help with cleaning, check out our maintenance program!

Turnover Rate
The turnover rate refers to the length of time your pool takes to completely circulate it’s volume of water. This often takes eight to ten hours a day. Depending on seasonal factors including daylight, swimmer use and chemical health, running your pump and filter system long enough to keep you water moving plays a huge role in the overall health of your pool.