Client Review Feature

Aqua Pool & Patio prides itself on providing the highest quality of work with exceptional customer service. Hear what our most recent client has to say!


“Jason was awesome in every way. He was no-pressure sales, extremely informed about all part of the pool process, and perfectly professional.

He was super low key and knowledgeable. Other pool companies seemed like they just wanted to make the sale. I’m sure Jason wanted to make the sale, but he really comes across as though he’s just helping you make the best decision. It also helped that you are nationally ranked!

Gregg was phenomenal. His whole team was courteous and kind. Everyone kept us in the loop about what to expect each day of the process. I feel I was able to call and ask any question and not feel stupid. I had no idea it could be so wonderful working with any contractor on my property and Aqua Pool set the standard. It was awesome!”

Overall Quality of Your Pool

“The tile is beautiful, the jump rock is beautiful, everything functions very well. We’ve been enjoying it every single day! It has totally transformed how I feel about living here.”

In what area(s) were you most satisfied with your experience with Aqua Pool & Patio Inc. and why?

“Communication with Gregg and the build team. We’ve had so many disappointing experiences having work done on our house. Painters, floor installers, tile installers, landscapers, tree removal, patio people, etc. We’ve lived here 12 years and done a lot of projects, inside and out. NOBODY has been better at communicating what to expect or better at delivering on their promises than Gregg and his team at Aqua Pool. Nobody. When I tell people this their eyes about bug out and you can tell they would totally use Aqua Pool if they get an in ground pool. I sing your praises to everyone! The fact that he always got back to us, Tracey always let us know what would be happening, everyone was professional when they were here. I appreciated the fact that all your people seem to wear clothes indicating they work for your company. Not necessarily a uniform but a tee shirt or a tag or something. All the men kept their shirts on and nobody smoked on site as far as I could tell. We’ve had such bozos working here, even from expensive places.”

Additional Comments