Common Pool Startup Issues

When a pool has been left dormant with no equipment running for long periods of time, even if it is intentionally done during the overwintering of the pool, a number of things can go wrong. Water and all equipment needs to be checked on at the outset of each swimming season. Here are a few common issues that tend to come up with pools that have been left idle.

Water Leaks

Pools can begin to leak from a number of different areas, especially as pools age. While the more catastrophic leaks originate in the pool deck or somewhere in the pool’s surface, more common leaks usually show up in equipment like the pump or the filter. Check all pipes or joints where an O-ring or a seal might have worn or failed and is allowing water to leak. Leaks in the pump are critical to find as they will prevent the pump from actually functioning properly, thus preventing your pool water from circulating and staying clean.


Depending on what kind it is, algae can either be very simple or super difficult to remove. When a pool is sitting for a long period of time, even sometimes with a cover, organic material can end up in the water that was carrying some type of algae spore that is just waiting for an untreated pool to take hold of. Not to worry, algae can typically be knocked out with a large dose of chlorine, a lot of scrubbing, and then vacuuming. After an algae treatment, it is probably a good idea to remove and clean the pool filter to ensure that any debris does not get re-pumped into the pool water. If you are not having any luck with this method, contact a pool maintenance company and see about a specific algae treatment for your pool.


Stains are caused during a pool’s offseason by debris that has either settled to the bottom of the pool or that has even been left on the deck which then leaves behind a stain. Much like algae, stains are tackled through a combination of heavy shocking and scrubbing. If your pool brush is not working, purchase a pumice stone at your local pool supply store and see how much more effective you can get. Stains on the deck surface can be removed the same combination of chlorine and water. Ultimately, most stains will weather throughout the season, especially as they come into contact with more and more chlorinated water.

If you feel like you have hit a brick wall somewhere along the way after startup, it is always a good idea to call a professional in and give you some expert advice. Good luck with the pool opening this year and enjoy!!