Debunking Common Pool Myths

The origins of a belief can be quite a funny thing. Whether a misinterpreted story or a “fact” passed along with good intentions, myths are everywhere and when it comes to pool myths, we are here to debunk several commonly held ones.

  • Chlorine will turn blonde hair green
    In this scenario, chlorine isn’t the culprit, it’s actually copper. Copper can be found in pool environments either introduced by mineral systems or from algaecides added to combat algae blooms.
  • Wait 30 minutes after eating to swim to avoid cramps

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how soon you swim after eating. What happens is as your food digests, your body routes blood to the stomach organ to facilitate digestion, leaving less blood in your muscles for activity. While it is true that you are more susceptible to cramping if you hit the water immediately after food, it’s not a given. Just be sensible!

  • Red eyes are caused by too much chlorine
    Another myth is that red, stinging eyes is a result of having too much chlorine in your water. This is not true. Your tears have a pH balance of 7.4 and any other value outside this can cause irritation. Most of the time, red eyes are actually due to improper pH in the pool.
  • Chlorine smells strong
    A well maintained pool should have no smell. The chlorine odor we are all familiar with is a result of what happens when free chlorine is used up by organics. Once chlorine is used, it becomes combined chloramines and must be replenished by new chlorine supplies in order to maintain a healthy, swimmable environment.
  • Pool installation is expensive
    With financing options and a range of pool design and building options available, there are plenty of ways to enable individuals that want to own a pool afford their dream backyard.

Our team at Aqua Pool is well-versed in bringing pool builds to fruition on time and under budget. Talk with our team about how we can help debunk your bad pool knowledge today.