Winter is the best time of year to get down to work on designing and building your ideal pool. The first steps are to gather inspiration in order to define your wants and needs. This means that you will need to take a realistic look at your property and the possibilities at hand for your project. Spending the cold months wisely finalizing your design leaves you well prepared to start digging as soon as the weather breaks. If you follow this timeline, you’ll be all set and ready to dive in come prime swimming season!

A few advantages of working through the winter are as follows:

-Personal Attention
Quality attention from your designer and builder is more readily available during the off season. This means that during the winter, as you navigate the design and preparation stages, you’ll have frequent and thorough attention to ensure your project happens the way you want it to.

-Stay on Schedule
Since pool builders and contractors are often less busy in during this period of time, your project is more apt to stay on track to completion along the timeline you have laid out.

-Prep for Landscaping
Getting started in the winter will set you up to have your pool built by early spring which is a great time to tackle landscaping and get those plants into the ground before the summer months.

At Aqua Pool, our industry-leading team is standing by to help you work with the best pool designers, engineers, pool construction teams, service technicians, and more in the Connecticut area. We bring an unparalleled dedication to offering the latest technology and design innovations to your pool build. Why not get started this winter!?