Do You Need a Permit for a Pool in Connecticut?

Building an inground pool is a complex process that entails many steps, ranging from the initial design phase to excavation to construction. With so much work involved, you may be wondering if you will need to secure a permit from the state. In short, the answer is yes—all the states in which we work require a permit to be approved by the local building official before beginning construction of any swimming pool, which is defined as a “structure intended for swimming or recreational bathing that contains water over 24 inches deep.” This includes inground and above-ground pools and spas. In addition to obtaining a permit, completed pools must be inspected during construction and upon completion to ensure that they comply with the applicable building codes.

The main purpose of the Building Codes is to ensure that structures can be used safely. In pursuit of this goal, the Codes impose a variety of requirements on residential and commercial pools, including the following:

  • Pools must be enclosed by fencing or another type of barrier that is at least 48 inches tall and does not contain any openings that would allow the passage of an object four inches or more in diameter. Access gates must open outwards from the pool, be self-closing, and have a self-latching device. In Massachussetts, an auto safety cover eliminates the need for fencing.
  • In CT, Pools must be equipped with alarms that will emit a sound of at least 50 decibels when a person or object weighing 15 pounds or more enters the water. Hot tubs and portable spas are exempt from this requirement.
  • Pool drains must be outfitted with approved covers to prevent entrapment (VGB Act)

In addition to the state’s requirements, many cities and towns impose regulations governing pools and spas. While ensuring compliance may seem overwhelming, an experienced pool builder should be familiar with all applicable codes and should handle the paperwork needed to secure a permit. At Aqua Pool & Patio, we are adept at navigating the state code and regulations for municipalities across our service area, and our team will work to obtain a permit for the construction of your pool in the most time-sensitive way possible. Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to get started!