Fall is the Ideal Time for Pool Projects

In New England, the fall season presents the ideal conditions to start any new pool building project. That means that the time to begin your swimming pool plan is NOW!

Come spring, Aqua Pool & Patio can complete the finishing touches so you can get the most out of your pool for summer 2020.

Here’s why autumn works best:

  • Moderate Temperatures
    With temperatures starting to dip, the weather lends itself to the hard work involved in the process of building a pool. Not to mention, the ground isn’t frozen yet so digging is still possible!
  • Predictable Weather
    Another benefit of a fall building timeline is that the weather tends to be dryer, which means there’s less chance of rain and mud.
  • Better Pricing
    Most manufacturers of pool-related products raise prices (if they raise prices) over the winter. So, it follows that pool builders will do the same. Get 2019 pricing and payment terms that allow more payments to be made later in 2020.
  • Landscape Recovery
    Getting the messy part out of the way in the fall paves the way for your outdoor landscaping to recover in time for spring planting season.
  • Tax Refund
    Adding a pool to your property may be categorized as a home improvement expense and can possibly be claimed on your taxes. Building a pool in the fall enables you to both open your pool in the spring when the weather warms while potentially receiving a tax refund.