Fall Pool Information

We hope you are enjoying your summer! It seems much too early to be thinking of it, but swimming pool closing season is fast approaching. Here are few helpful tips and reminders:

  • Call or e-mail to schedule you’re closing. You can’t schedule too soon! Contact us sooner rather than later. The mid-September through late October dates fill quickly!  Not sure about when you “should” close the pool? Call with any questions.
  • Be sure to have your water professionally tested about two weeks prior to the closing of the pool. It is very important that the water is “balanced” prior to closing the pool. We recommend adding scale inhibitor prior to the closing, AND/ OR Pool Magnet if you will be adding well water – Call if you any questions about these chemicals.

In need of a new cover?

If you have not already purchased a winter cover, or if you are interested in upgrading to a “Safety Cover”, please let us know.

  • Winter Safety Covers: Our office can supply you with a free quote. Inquire at least 8 weeks in advance of when you think you will be closing your pool. Each cover is custom made to the exact shape of your pool so call or email right away. The custom covers come in many colors and meet ASTM safety testing requirements.
  • “Standard tarp Cover” (the tarp styled covers with water bags). They are more readily available (as compared to the custom safety covers), but please indicate this when setting up the closing date so that we can insure we have your pool’s “size” when the cover is needed.


Consider a winter cover “pump” Little Giant makes a very light but heavy duty pump that is ideal for the fall  as water can build up on or under the cover as the rain and snow melt build up, we need to get that water away from the tile line). The price for a little giant pump is $139.99 +tax.

We also offer “Winter Pump Down” services for those who prefer to allow the pool pros to handle this pumping requirement.

Need additional water tubes (for tarp covers), cover pumps, winter plugs and safety cover hardware (springs, straps, anchors)?  Our service vans are well stocked with most items. If you need anything, let us know when you schedule the closing.

We offer winter maintenance – or after the pool is closed. If you need help keeping the water at  the appropriate level, adjusting chemicals, tightening cover straps, or re-securing the cover/plugs, please let us know, call or email and we will schedule accordingly.