Getting Rid of Green Pool Water

Uh oh – what happened? Your pool water used to be sparkling clear and refreshingly blue but now what’s in its place looks like it came from an 80s horror film! The green, swampy vibe from your pool means that you have an algae problem. To get back to swimming, you’ll need to properly clean your pool and get rid of the nasty green water. Here’s how:

  1. Test the water first
    To determine the extent of the problem, you will need to test your water chemistry and check its pH levels. When chlorine presence drops below 1 ppm, the conditions are ripe for algae blooms.
  2. Balance the chemistry
    Before you jump into action by treating your pool, start with balancing the pH. If it’s too acidic or too basic, you’ll need to adjust levels to hit around 7.5. While doing so, run your pump to help circulate pool chemicals.
  3. Check the filters
    Remove any leaves, debris, or other organic matter in the pool that may be clogging your filter system. If it looks like it needs it, now is an excellent time to backwash your filter to aid in the cleaning process.
  4. Give a good scrub
    Algae loves to take root in nooks and crannies. You will want to use your pool brush to scrub the sides and bottom of your pool as well as any areas that are hard to reach like the stairs, bench, or ledges.
  5. Shock your water
    Now that those steps are complete, select a pool shock with around 70 percent available chlorine to tackle tough algae and bacteria. Never use less than the recommended amount and round up the number when determining how many bags/gallons/pounds to add.
  6. Add an algaecide
    The morning after shocking the pool, treat your water with an algaecide. Be sure to allow the additive to work in your swimming pool for at least 24 hours before moving on to the next step.
  7. Remove dead algae
    Last but not least, you’ll want to perform a thorough cleaning of any pool equipment systems that may have dead algae in it. Vacuum up dead particles, then be sure to clean the filer. At this point your pool should return to its normal BLUE color and you should be on your way to swimming once again.

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