Hip Swimming Pool Trends

The swimming pool has come a long way in recent years. No longer is it the basic, white rectangle that it used to be. New trends have emerged offering customizable options that enable a property owner to really tailor their backyard environment to their visual preferences. At Aqua Pool, we specialize in exceptional swimming pool design, installation, and construction.

Here are a few of the trends we’ve been seeing with recent projects:

  1. The Combination of Fire and Water
    There’s nothing quite like the combination of flame and water. What we mean by this is that we’re witnessing an uptick in custom fireplaces and firepits poolside that enable the backyard season to last longer. Not to mention, the tranquil sensation of fire glowing off the reflection of water is an excellent way to build outdoor atmosphere.
  2. Customized Materials
    From metal to aggregate concrete, we’re loving the range of materials being used to deliver character and visual intrigue surrounding a pool environment.
  3. Built-In Bar
    Since relaxation is one of the biggest benefits of pool ownership, what better way to relax than to kickback and saddle up to the built-in bar. You and your pool guests are able to seamlessly continue your outdoor fun without ever having to leave the water.
  4. Energy Efficient Pool Equipment
    Never has it been easier to be a pool owner than now with modern technology. The market boasts a wide range of efficient pool pumps and heaters in addition to environmentally friendly LEDs and jets to craft a beautiful pool scenario that requires less maintenance.

Spa Combo
A pool and spa combo is one of our favorite types of pool constructions as it delivers the best of both worlds.