Hottest New Pool Design Trends

For decades, most backyard pools were fairly uniform—they typically had a rectangular or kidney shape, with a bright blue interior and few, if any, custom features. In recent years, however, homeowners have gotten increasingly creative with their pool designs, requesting unique shapes, sizes, colors, and an array of features to create their own personalized backyard oasis.

At Aqua Pool & Patio, we have been designing and building inground gunite pools for over 50 consecutive years. In contrast to fiberglass and vinyl pools, gunite is fully customizable, enabling us to create designs that reflect each client’s unique vision. If you’re looking for inspiration for the pool of your dreams, here are a few of the hottest new pool design trends to consider:

  • Unique water features. When it comes to water features in or near the pool, today’s homeowners are thinking beyond traditional rock waterfalls and spillovers from an attached spa. For instance, popular new features include bubblers (small, bubbling fountains often installed on a tanning ledge or the pool’s first step), water bowls (round or square decorative bowls that sit atop a perch, such as a raised wall or column, and spill a stream of water into the pool), deck jets that are installed in the pool deck or coping and shoot an arc of water into the pool, and grottos, which include rock waterfalls that trickle over a cave-like niche within the pool.
  • Non-traditional colors. Typically, pool interiors are painted blue, white, or light gray in order to give the water an ocean-like hue. However, homeowners are now opting for colors such as black or dark gray—which create a sleek, alluring look—or alternatively, greens and beiges for a more natural, soothing effect.
  • Small “cocktail” pools. A small backyard is no longer a barrier to having a pool. Homeowners with limited space are now installing “cocktail” pools, defined as those that are less than 400 square feet. These pools may incorporate swim jets to create resistance for aerobic exercise, or heaters, spa jets, and benches to create a “spool” (a combined pool and spa).
  • Multi-level pools. These elaborate designs feature two or more levels, often with water spilling over a vanishing edge from the upper to the lower levels. In addition to having a visually striking appearance and creating multiple separate spaces for swimming, multi-level pools may be a good option for yards with slopes or irregular shapes.
  • Resort-like features. Inspired by their favorite hotels and resorts, many homeowners are incorporating luxurious features to transform their backyards into a vacation destination. These features include swim-up bars, tanning ledges, and water slides built into a rock waterfall.

Whether you are thinking about building a brand-new pool or updating your current one to incorporate the latest design trends, the team at Aqua Pool is here to help! Call us today at (860) 623-9886 to start bringing your vision to life.