How Do Infinity Pools Work?

Also known as vanishing-edge, negative-edge, or zero-edge pools, infinity pools have surged in popularity over the past several years due to their sleek, beautiful aesthetic. A particularly striking option for pools that are situated on a ridge, infinity pools seem to fade into the horizon, giving swimmers the illusion that they are floating above the earth.

While the boundary between an infinity pool and the surrounding landscape may seem blurred, this is merely a well-designed trick on the eye. To create this waterfall-like effect, infinity pools are built with a portion of the wall removed near the top of the pool or at the coping level. The water then spills over the side into a catch basin. Using pumps and hydraulics, the overflow water is pumped back into the pool, and the cycle continues. Depending on your preferred design, the mechanism that feeds the water back into the pool can either be something invisible under the surface or an eye-catching feature, such as a stone waterfall.

Since infinity pools have a more complex design and more components than traditional pools, they tend to be more expensive and require additional planning and pool-building expertise. Before beginning the design or estimating the price for an infinity pool, several factors must be determined. For example, will there be just one infinity edge, or multiple walls over which the water will flow? Are the aesthetics of the “downhill” side important, or will the pool primarily be viewed from above? What is the preferred mechanism for feeding the water back into the pool? Does the terrain on which the pool will be built present any challenges? The answers to these questions and more will shape the strategy, cost, and timeline for building an infinity pool.

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