How Does a Self-Cleaning Pool System Work?

A maintenance-free pool has long been a dream of pool owners everywhere and while a self-cleaning pool still requires some oversight, the time and resources involved are significantly decreased. At Aqua Pool, we can build your pool with advanced technology to significantly reduce the time you spend caring for it, as well as save money on chemicals and heat, so you can spend more of your time relaxing.

Clean Options
Self-cleaning pools rely on powerful automatic cleaning systems that are built into the structure of the pool’s “shell”. Depending on your pool’s shape and size, our team will place a series of in-floor nozzles that pop up in zones and rotate to direct debris to the bottom of the pool towards the debris containment system. The debris containment system is built into the main suction outlet. The nozzles are strategically placed to target your pool’s floor and walls in addition to steps, ladders, ledges or any bench areas.

Water circulation is an absolute must for any pool. For automatic self-cleaning systems, circulation occurs from the ground up. This enhanced circulation moves any pool chemicals throughout your water and evenly circulates it to prevent chemical issues. Systems like these can save clients as much as 80% on chemical and heating costs.

Less Maintenance
The biggest benefit of an automatic self-cleaning pool system is that it does a lot of the hard work for you. While you are still responsible for testing your pool chemistry and making necessary adjustments, this type of high-tech, yet simple system will keep your pool water free of dirt and debris so you can set aside the vacuum and enjoy!

We’re happy to walk you through these advanced technology systems and talk about the steps we can take to make your pool ownership a more rewarding and relaxing investment. Please call (860) 623-9886 to speak to one of our maintenance experts.