How Much Electricity Does a Pool Use?

If you are looking to understand your electricity consumption habits, we can break it down for you in regards to your pool costs. To dissect pool expenses, here’s our working formula:

Energy Consumption
First, you need to examine the energy consumption of your pool pump. The most common pool pumps on the market are broken down by kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption. You will need to determine your kWh and then multiply that number by your pool pumps volts x amps to arrive at watts. Finally, divide this number by 1000.

Daily Energy
Next up, multiply your pumps kWh number by the hours a day that you run your pump system. Note that this will fluctuate based on seasonal use.

Energy Costs
The national average for energy is currently at 13.9 cents per kWh. You can check this fluctuating number by visiting a residential, commercial, industrial and transportation reporting grid.

Annual Costs
From here, take your daily costs and multiply it by the days that you run your pump system per year. This will give you a fairly accurate estimate for how much your pool’s electricity costs will be.

Note that there are ways that you can decrease energy consumption. For one, using a variable speed pump can reduce the power needed to do its job. Another option is to call our team. We’re happy to get you up to speed with a ballpark idea of energy spend. In addition, we’re happy to discuss technological advancements that could help you save. Call (860) 623-9886 with any questions.