How to Get the Most Out of Your Multi-Speed Pool Pump

As one of the most integral parts of your pool system, pumps keep the water clean and sanitary by circulating chemicals evenly throughout the pool and carrying water through the filter to ensure that debris is removed. When choosing a pump for your pool, you will find that there are three basic types: single-speed, dual-speed, and multi-speed (also known as variable-speed).

In recent years, multi-speed pumps have become the option of choice due to their ability to significantly reduce energy usage (and therefore utility costs) while operating more quickly, quietly, and effectively than alternative types of pumps. In fact, according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), you may be able to save up to 83% in annual energy costs by choosing a multi-speed pump. This is because multi-speed pumps allow you maximum control over their speed, letting you program them to run at low power, full power, or anywhere in between depending on what your pool needs at different times. On the contrary, single-speed pumps run at full power all the time—which is typically unnecessary—while dual-speed pumps only have options for low and high.

While all multi-speed pumps are designed to maximize energy efficiency, there are several steps you can take to improve results. For example:

  • Choose the right pump for your pool. Not all multi-speed pumps are created equal. To optimize results, you will need to consider several different factors when selecting a pump for your pool. For instance, variables that may affect how efficiently the pump operates may include the pump’s size, horsepower, and voltage, the flow rating of your pool filter, and the size of your pipes.
  • Ensure that the pump is programmed properly. One of the main advantages of multi-speed pumps is that they allow you to control the speed at which they run at various times of the day. Therefore, you can run the pump at higher speeds during your energy provider’s “off-peak” hours, when rates tend to be less expensive. In addition, you can choose to run it at the lowest possible speeds for long periods of time, while only switching to higher speeds when necessary—such as when you are using chemical feeders or automatic cleaners. Programming your pump properly is key to maximizing its efficiency.
  • Consider upgrading your pool’s filter. Aqua Pool recommends using cartridge filters. Not only are they an eco-friendlier product (i.e. “green”), but they can help boost the pump’s efficiency by eliminating the need to backwash.

While multi-speed pumps tend to carry higher upfront costs than their older counterparts, they will yield significant savings over time through reduced energy usage. If you are considering a new pump for your pool or would like guidance on how to ensure that your current pump is running at maximum efficiency, the experts at Aqua Pool are here to help! Call us at (860) 623-9886 to learn more about purchasing a new variable speed pump or to learn more about how to get maximum efficiency out of any existing variable speed pumps.