Is Your Pool’s Water Level Low?

If you’ve noticed that the water level in your pool is lower than usual or seems to constantly be dropping, you may be concerned that there is a leak. While a leak in your pool’s structure or equipment could certainly cause low water levels, many other, more benign factors may also be the culprit. For example, warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine during the summer accelerate evaporation. Frequent use of the pool—also common during the summer—can cause water loss due to splashing, as can routine pool maintenance tasks such as vacuuming or backwashing.

While the reasons behind your pool’s water loss may not be problematic, consistently low water levels could damage the equipment. If the water falls too low, the filter could begin sucking in air, thereby causing the pump to burn out. On the other hand, too much water may also cause trouble by impairing the skimmer’s performance, which could result in an accumulation of debris in the pool. These problems can be avoided by maintaining a proper water level, which generally should fall near the center of your pool tiles or skimmer.

When you notice that the water level in your pool is dropping, the simplest solution is to add more water. However, the best way to ensure that your pool always has a proper amount of water is to work with pool care professionals like the service team at Aqua Pool & Patio. Through our customizable pool maintenance programs, we will combat the effects of evaporation and help preserve your pool’s equipment by notifying you of the need to add water, in addition to keeping the pool clean, beautiful, and healthy for swimming. If your pool is losing water at a higher-than-normal rate, we can determine whether there is a leak or if natural factors are to blame. To learn more about how we can help maintain your pool in prime condition, visit or call us at (860) 623-9886!