Leaf Removal Tips

It’s a beautiful fall season in New England and as the trees change color, don’t forget to take in their wonders. After, do proceed by paying attention to your pool. That’s right, leaves and other organic material that makes its way into your pool waters can do damage to equipment and leave unsightly stains.

Here is the best way to tackle pool debris such as leaves and twigs. Go back to enjoying the color change instead of fretting about whether or not your pool filter system is going to clog.

  1. Upgrade from Skimmer
    Yes, using a leaf skimmer to scoop out unwanted leaves does take a bit of time. To shorten this task, instead of a skimmer, try a leaf rake. This piece of equipment is similar to a skimmer but instead of a flat net, it has a large deep bag attached that can hold many more leaves. Plus, it’s easier to use when trying to reach the leaves that have already made their way to the bottom of your pool.
  2. Consider a Leaf Eater
    A leaf eater is a pool-specific device that is excellent at lifting pesky leaves off of the bottom of your pool. It has a deep net bag that has jets in it that create a sucking movement (powered by your pool cleaner line, or your garden hose). This movement easily sucks up debris and safely deposits it into the bottom of the bag for easy removal.
  3. Skimmer Baskets
    Another key step in keeping your pool clear is to regularly check your skimmer baskets and empty them at least once a day. Remember, you want your pool to do as much work as it can for you. To set it up for success, it needs space to circulate your water to pull out organic debris.

To prevent unsightly stains, stay on top of the leaf game. Prevention is key!