Making an Inground Pool Work for a Small Yard

If your backyard property is on the smaller side, and you’ve ruled out having your own pool because of it, it’s time to reconsider. Limited space doesn’t necessarily have to be a restriction on pool ownership.

In fact, at Aqua Pool & Patio we love a good challenge. Our team of expert designers and builders can tackle any unique property. When installing a small inground pool, we know how to deliver a project that exceeds visual appeal and functionality.

Here’s what you need to know regarding small inground pools:

Depending on your property, the size of your pool will alter its cost structure.

The cost of a smaller inground pools is dependent on the size and materials involved in building it. On average, a small 18-26’ pool costs between $32-$40,000. The good news is that the advantage of a smaller pool means that over the course of the pool’s lifetime, you’ll incur less costs to heat and clean.

The type of pool you opt for impacts your ownership experience. Linear and freeform pools are the two most popular categories. Linear refers to the traditional rectangle shape most of us know well from our childhoods. The other category encompasses all other shapes from curvy to oval and everything in between.

Small pool maintenance is a dream. With fewer area to skim, scrub, or vacuum and less water to filter, a beautiful inground pool can take up less time for maintenance. Not to mention, the chemical load necessary to sustain clean water is lighter.

When constrained by length and width constrictions, small inground pools are often more shallow than larger pools. On average, we build small pools to five feet deep. The benefits of a smaller pool are many. With an overall lower price tag, less maintenance costs and reduced overhead, a small inground pool might be just what your space needs.