Swimming season is almost here but in our haste to get outside and soak up the sun, lets not forget the basics of of staying safe poolside.

Number One: Stay close and alert when children are around.  Children do not always pay attention to their movements and if you put them near large bodies of water, they can often walk a fine line between having fun and risky behavior. A common mistake is to assume that you will be able to hear when a child is in a pool and in distress. Do not take for granted the fact that a poolside environment is often loud and chaotic and you might not know your child is getting into trouble unless you can physically see them.

Number Two: Learn and practice water safety skills.  This is everything from knowing CPR to  making sure your children and guests are proficient swimmers before allowing them to jump in. Its also not a bad idea to have an emergency protocol that the entire family knows about so that everyone can spring into action in the event of a pool related injury or accident.

Number Three: Have the Appropriate Pool Safety Equipment.  A swimming pool is not safe these days without the correct equipment in place. Fences, safety covers, door alarms, and window guards on those facing the pool area are essential items and can help make swimming more worry free as parents. Additional equipment can get pricey but think of it as yet another improvement to your home, making the pool feature even more attractive to potential future buyers.

These safety tips are brought to you by National Pool Safety Month, a partnership between trade groups and nonprofits that is seeking to bring awareness to poolside safety techniques in residential and commercial pools. If you have any other questions about making your pool a little more secure in preparation for this upcoming summer season, visit theNational Pool Safety Month website.