Ozone and UV Sanitizers Cleaners from Paramount Pools: A Healthier Alternative to Chlorine

Sanitizing your pool is essential in order to ensure that it is safe and healthy for swimming. Without proper sanitization, the pool may become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms such as cryptosporidium, E. coli, and giardia, all of which can cause unpleasant illnesses that last for weeks.

While treating pools with chlorine and other chemicals has long been considered the standard way to keep the water clean, these chemicals may themselves cause unwanted side effects—including eye irritation, respiratory problems, discolored hair, and damage to bathing suits and the lining of the pool. As a result, many pool owners are turning to healthier solutions that reduce reliance on chlorine. Paramount Pools, for which Aqua Pool proudly serves as a top dealer, offers a particularly effective solution that sanitizes the water with a combination of ozone and UV light.

What is ozone?

Ozone (O3) is active oxygen and occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. As an extremely powerful gas that safely reverts back to oxygen when dissolved in pool water, ozone has been one of the most popular alternative pool sanitizers for decades. When ozone comes into contact with an oxidizable substance—which may include various microorganisms that are commonly found in pools, as well as algae, oils, and harmful byproducts from chlorine—it oxidizes the substance, thereby killing pathogens, destroying biofilm, and leaving pool water clear, clean, and healthy. In fact, ozone kills bacteria and viruses up to 50 times more effectively and up to 3000 times more quickly than traditional pool chemicals, and pool owners who use ozone are generally able to reduce chlorine usage by between 50 and 75 percent.

What is UV light?

While ultraviolet (UV) light is a more recently accepted pool cleaning solution, it has been used in other applications—including wastewater treatment, ponds and streams—for decades due to its impressive variety of benefits. Since it does not add any chemicals to the water, UV has no impact on pH. Systems that use UV simply pass water at a prescribed flow rate past a UV lamp, which reduces the presence of chlorine byproducts and renders pathogens unable to reproduce by scrambling their genetic codes.

Ozone and UV light each offer germicidal properties, but when combined, they provide a powerful solution for killing harmful microorganisms and removing inorganic waste products from the pool water. As a result, the Ultra UV2 and Clear O3 systems from Paramount Pools can significantly reduce reliance on chlorine while offering a safer, healthier, and more eco-friendly way to ensure that your pool is in prime condition. To find out if these revolutionary systems are right for your pool, contact Aqua Pool today!