Pool Care Basics: Components

Similar to your car, your pool requires regular upkeep. To maintain a healthy, swimmable pool, you’ll need to learn about pool care essentials. This includes how to take care of your pool, planning for future care, and troubleshooting potential problems.

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To provide good pool care, there are a few things you should know:

Pool Anatomy
There are four main components of any swimming pool that require regular care and they include your pool water, the interior walls, the filtration system, and the skimmer/return system.

Pool Water

Keeping your pool water clean, clear, and balanced helps reduce costly repairs or mineral buildup. Not to mention, it’s the key to a rewarding relationship with your outdoor environment.

Pool Interior

The surface material of your pool, whether gunite, plaster, an aggregate, or other needs to be kept in good shape clear of algae, mold, and dirt.

Filtration System

Consider your pool’s filtration system like the heart of your body. It’s responsible for keeping the water circulating and clears it of dirt and other contaminants. Without a functioning filter, your pool can become cloudy and polluted.

Skimmers and Returns
If the filtration system is the heart of your pool, then the skimmer and return system is the liver responsible for pulling out debris and organic materials that make their way into your water.

Now that you know the basics components, stay tuned for advice on how to care for them.