Pool Closings by Aqua Pool: What’s Included?

While swimming season is still in full swing, fall is already on the horizon—which, for pool owners, means that it’s time to start planning for the annual pool closing process. As the weather gets colder, it’s crucial to ensure that your pool is properly winterized, since minor errors and oversights could lead to costly damage once freezing temperatures set in. While some homeowners handle pool closing on their own, the process is time-consuming and requires particular equipment and technical knowledge. Therefore, it’s usually best to bring in the professionals when you’re ready to close your pool for the winter.

At Aqua Pool, our highly experienced and PHTA (Pool and Hot Tub Alliance)-trained maintenance professionals routinely handle both pool openings and closings for our clients. Our pool closing services include the following steps:

  • Treating the water. By adding the right winter chemicals to your pool before closing it will help ensure that the water stays clean throughout the winter months, making the opening process quicker and easier in the spring.
  • Blowing out the plumbing lines. If there is any water left in the plumbing lines before closing the pool, it may cause leaks and burst or fractured pipes when temperatures fall below freezing—thereby requiring costly repairs when you open again in the spring. The Aqua Pool team has the equipment and expertise needed to thoroughly blow out the lines, doing our best to ensure that they are safe and dry for winter.
  • Winterizing the heater, filter, and pumps. In addition to blowing out your pool’s plumbing lines, it’s important to ensure that water is removed from the heater, filter, and pumps. We will also turn these items off and remove any debris, such as leaves, dirt, or insects, that may have accumulated.

Closing your pool properly in preparation for the cold New England winter is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform as a pool owner. At Aqua Pool, our specially trained professionals are happy to handle this process for you, saving you time and stress while ensuring that your pool stays clean and free of damage until you’re ready to enjoy it again in the spring. Visit our online page or call us today at (860) 623-9886! Please note that our pool closing services are in high demand, so now is the time to make arrangements!