Pool Resolutions for 2020

It’s been a lovely 2019 but we are ready for the new year. As the next round of roaring 20s comes around, we’ve decided that we are going to make it our best year yet. For pool life, this means that we are declaring the following as our New Year’s resolutions:

More Fun
Pool ownership isn’t meant to be a hassle. Yes, there are several inevitable responsibilities that accompany having your own pool, but our number one resolution is to have more fun! This year, we resolve to use our pool to its fullest capabilities. This means we’ll host friends and family more frequently, plan parties and poolside gatherings, hop in to exercise or just sit back and relax with a book. As a central focal point, pools are natural watering holes and this year, you’ll know where to find us.

Great Water Care
As one of the top swimming pool design, installation, and service companies in the Southern New England area, we are happy to take care of your water balancing and chemistry needs. If you are up to the task yourself, be sure to test and balance your water regularly to create the most comfortable and sanitary swimming environment possible. Not only is this the best route for healthy water, it’s also important to prevent staining and other unwanted pool water conditions. It also saves you money as balanced water uses sanitizers more efficiently. Even if your pool water looks great, you should still have it tested professionally. Aqua Pool offers free water testing at its East Windsor location, so bring a sample down! You can also set yourself up for success by outsourcing your water care to us!

Revamp Your Pool
Pool improvements are the quickest way to fall back in love with your outdoor space. It’s also the perfect time to plan for a remodel! Whether you want to replace outdated materials, add energy efficient mechanical equipment, create a full resurface of your pool, or add technological advancements to ease ownership responsibilities, we’ve got your covered. Make 2020 the year you enhance your property!

Learn more about our pool renovation service to get started or give us a call at (860) 623-9886.

Test Your Mechanics
There is nothing worse than discovering your pool heater or hot tub isn’t working the night before you want to have a big party. Avoid this heartbreak by regularly testing your pool and hot tub’s mechanicals, including any lighting installations. If you test your equipment regularly and find something is not operating correctly, we can address the issue prior to a big event or an all important weekend swim. Be sure not to wait until the “day of the party” to call in an issue, for then it may be “too late” to help!

Clean Your Pool Filter Regularly
This is a simple resolution, but one that your pool will thank you for. Make an effort to routinely check and clean your pool filter. It will keep your water cleaner and it will put less pressure on your pool’s cleaning system, which means it will last longer.

Do you have any questions on these helpful hints? We have the answers! Call (860) 623-9886 or e-mail info@aquapool.com and ask “why?”!