There are an endless amount of shapes that a pool can be created and designed in to fit just about any property space imaginable. That being said, there are several repeat designs that we’ve seen in our years of experience at Aqua Pool that seem to be the most popular amongst homeowners. When creating the best design for your space, it’s important to consider the location of your pool as well as how it accommodates your family. Other items to think about are also what resources are available to you and if you want your pool to be the focal point of your yard or seamlessly blend as a component in an overall larger backyard scheme.

Whatever you choose, the following are examples of great pool shapes we’ve done for satisfied clients:

  • Roman Pool
    A Roman pool is an incredible shape that plays off historical images of ancient Roman baths. Typically able to be identified by its rectangular shape with two ovals at the short ends, a Roman pool supplies sophistication and a calming serenity for your space.
  • Free Form Pool
    Just as the name implies, a free form pool features curvy and rounded edges all the way around to promote a fun and refreshing swim. Built to accommodate a property’s unique space, a free form pool follows loose lines for a sense of playfulness in your outdoor environment.
  • Geometric Pool
    Borrowing specific lines and edges, a geometric pool lends visual gravity to an outdoor space. This type of pool also produces a nice contrast to any landscaping and hardscaping details to create an overall ambiance.
  • Uneven Pool
    Uneven pools are ways to cope with an unlevel backyard. With expert design and execution, Aqua Pool can help create a beautiful pool that is built into a hillside or other property type so you can swim and enjoy the privacy and nature of your backyard.
  • Lap Pool
    A popular option with active types, lap pools are typically long and narrow enabling the longest swim possible on your property. These types of pools can be spruced up by featuring zero edges or other well-designed aspects to give your backyard a functional but beautiful sense of aesthetics.