Pros and Cons of Having a Pool with an Attached Spa

Offering relaxation, relief for sore muscles and joints, and a luxurious way to extend the swimming season, a spa or hot tub is a wonderful addition to your backyard. If you are thinking about adding a spa to your property, one of the main considerations you’ll face is whether to build the spa as an attachment to your existing pool or as a freestanding structure. While your decision may also be affected by factors such as space limitations, here are a few pros and cons to having the spa attached to your pool:


  • An attached spa can use the same filtration and heating systems as your inground pool, making maintenance more convenient. If you do opt for an attached spa, we recommend installing a gas-fired heater rather than a heat pump, as this option can heat both the pool and spa much more quickly—ideal for those last-minute dips in the spa on a chilly night.
  • An attached spa is more likely to extend your swimming season. When the two units are conjoined, it makes it easier to warm up in the spa, take a swim in the pool, and then head back to the spa again. During cooler weather, you may be less inclined to get in the pool after using a detached hot tub.
  • Pools with an attached spa tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. An inground pool can serve as a beautiful focal point in your yard. An attached spa will only enhance the visual appeal, whereas a separate spa will create a disjointed look.
  • Attached spas are more customizable. Stand-alone spas are generally pre-manufactured and are therefore only available in limited colors, finishes, and seating configurations. When you build an attached spa, on the other hand, you can ensure that it is customized to suit your preferences and the style of your pool—from the shape to the finish to the waterline tiles.


  • You will likely need to winterize an attached spa. Winterizing your pool before closing it for the season is a crucial step to prevent damage. Since an attached spa shares the same heating and filtration systems, you will likely want to winterize and close it at the latest, between the end of November through mid-March. While the pool and spa season can be extended by placing the plumbing pipes deeper in the ground and installing the filtration and heating equipment indoors, most of our customers do opt to close both their pool and attached spa for the winter months.
  • Space limitations. While having an attached spa can save space in some situations, it may not work in all backyards. Depending on the size and configuration of your property, a detached spa may allow you more flexibility with your pool design.

While the choice between an attached or detached spa will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, we believe that attached spas are the best choice for most homeowners. Whether you already have an inground pool or you’re thinking of building one, the team at Aqua Pool & Patio can help you add a luxurious attached spa that suits your needs and vision! Contact us today to get started.